Consumer electronics, outdoor equipment


Create a birding camera that is user-friendly and has the aesthetic of modern electronics

My Role

Designer, Personal project


Walden is a user friendly birding camera that has an intuitive setup, making capturing birds and wildlife footage more accessible. By having the ability to quickly position the camera in the most common birding scenarios, the user can focus on obtaining their desired footage.

With an appearance that is less utilitarian and intimidating, Walden can encourage the growth of the hobby.

*Personal project

Challenge & Opportunity

Birding cameras look utilitarian and are cumbersome to set up. They are not user friendly and require home-made design solutions for their common use.

By creating a birding camera that is more user-friendly it allows the user to have a product with a modern aesthetic, while having the ability to focus on their desired task and not on the camera





Some of the most common uses of a camera that captures birds are: strap wrapped around a tree, placed on a tripod, and positioned on a nest box. The LED light lens can be interchanged on Walden for nest box use.

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