Laser Cut


Durable Consumer Goods, Tools


Create a laser based measuring device for trades-people that require repetitive cuts.

My Role

Project manager, Designer, UI & UX


Laser Cut was developed to assist in the cutting of lumber though accurate laser guided measuring. The user can dial-in the measurements through the pivoting touch display, allowing them to get quick visual and audible feedback when they have the right length to cut.

Laser Cut allows the user to make quick repetitive cuts for tasks such as framing that would normally require having to measure individual cuts or building a jig.

*Professional project *Patented

Client's Needs

The client is a framing subcontractor and he was tired of having to make jigs or measure individual studs and joists that would be the same length. The client wanted to be accurate and time efficient.

Research & Collaboration

- Analyzing the client's own prototype
- Dissecting the problem
- Working with the team and client using web-based   collaboration tools
- Studying laser measuring devices
- Researching existing laser-based tools




UI Development

The UI for Laser Cut was developed with the team and the client by mapping out the UI on paper and with web-based collaborative software. The refined UI was then created using Sketch and Zeplin.

Laser Cut

Position wood below blade and aim laser to set “zero”

Set measurements

Slide wood towards Laser Cut. Device 'beeps' when cut length is achieved.

Make a pile of accurately cut lumber in a fraction of the time.


Laser Cut was patented and the outcome of the project was successful. Laser Cut was approved and purchased from the client by a manufacturer.