Xfinity Home


Smart Home Consumer Electronics


Revitalize the Xfinity Home brand and redesign the smart home products.

My Role

Professional Project, Designer, Brand Developer


Comcast came to Bruce Mau Design with the request to revitalize the Xfinity Home products and brand. Smart home products were becoming very popular and Xfinity Home was falling behind.  Xfinity home had the potential to reach a large customer base already attached to Comcast.  

*Professional project

Problem &

The market share of smart home technology was growing while sales of Xfinity home were low and projections showed no improvement. Xfinity Home brand needed to redefine itself.


Based on the research from Comcast and consumer feedback, a brand direction and feel were developed. Xfinity Home was for a young active family that lived modestly. They have an appreciation for a well design home and wanted a homely and protected house.

Xfinity Home

Xfinity home was rebranded and the packaging was redesigned to represent high-end consumer electronics. The products were redesigned to match Xfinity brand and meet consumer expectations of smart home electronics.


Smart Camera and Smart Outlet designs were finalized with Comcast brand consideration, engineering for manufacturability and electronic hardware placement.

The products housed two different hardware specifications. The initial launch used third party hardware while Comcast developed their own.

Packaging &
Store Display


Revitalized brand and products

Sales increase by 75%

Increase in consumers bundling Xfinity Home with existing Comcast Xfinity products.

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