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Consumer Electronics, Healthcare


Create a personal safety eco-system for Alzheimer's caregivers. Professional project.

My Role

Project manager, Designer, UI & UX

Problem &



Had group meeting with caregivers - Sat in on Alzheimer’s support groups - Met with teams at care homes - Analyzed multiple hyperlocal social networking services.

Hardware Analysis

UI Development

The wireframes and pages were designed to give the user the ultimate, yet, comfortable experience. The mobile app had to be user friendly for a caregiver, who's focus must remain on their patient. Our research found that the user was not as tech-savvy as a younger consumer.

Find Me

Find Me allows caregivers the ability to protect patients with the mobile app that is connected to the safety beacon. The app gives caregivers knowledge of local hazards, such as bad weather or work zones. If the Caregiver cannot get to the patient the Find Me community and authorities will be notified.


Find Me was tested with caregivers and care homes and allowed Alz Care Labs to obtained Series A funding. Find Me is in the early stages of manufacturing.

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